A natural material that requires special care and treatments.
We perform collection, selection and recovery. Thanks to our containers and compactors we guarantee a capillary collection service.

We carefully sort all paper waste, in full compliance with current EU standards.
We provide secure shredding services for confidential documents, so you can keep your data safe and secure.
Two mechanical presses work around the clock to process scrap paper and cardboard.


Once cycle is finished, some materials can become dangerous.
We take care of their correct final location.

Toners, waste oils, batteries, together with many other materials, represent a real danger.

All hazardous and ADR waste is collected and disposed of with great competence in compliance with European regulations. Customers are relieved of a problem to be solved and the environment is more protected.

  • mineral and vegetable waste oils
  • battery
  • chemical residues
  • ribbons for dot matrix and inkjet printers, toner cartridges
  • aggregates and rubble
  • tires

Other materials

There are wastes that include materials that are potentially harmful to nature.
We take care of collection and assistance in all subsequent processing stages.
They are plastic, wood, glass, iron and aluminum. Materials that, with a suitable recovery, can be “brought back to life” by those who know how to collect, select and recycle them.



Information and Assistance

Get in direct contact with qualified personnel to provide specific support. Our Assistance service guarantees the presence of our equipment among all our customers, with an estimated timely intervention within 24 hours of reporting.


  • 400 detachable containers (11m³, 23m³ and 36m³)
  • 60 electronically detachable containers (24m³)
  • walking floors (80 m³)
  • 20 static compactors